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This past year has proven challenging for individuals and organizations around the globe.  Gardens for Charlestown is no exception.  As our community has faced the coronavirus pandemic, we were unable to host the events that have become part of the fabric of our neighborhood.  Typically these events are also our main source of funding.  Still, the garden continues to act as a refuge for members and visitors alike.  Gardens for Charlestown has continued--and will continue--to provide a welcoming and peaceful greenspace while also lending a helping hand to our neighbors in need.
More than ever we need your support to promote our mission of
  • preservation,
  • community, and
  • education.

Gardens for Charlestown is more committed than ever to its core mission of preserving greenspace, promoting educational opportunities, and fostering pride in our community.  And I am so proud of all the work we did in 2020 to foster that mission.

K2 Teacher,
Harvard Kent School

Tend and Tell gives Kindergarteners the opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility when caring for their garden.  They also gain an understanding of the cause and effect of their environment and self-confidence from achieving their goals.

General Manager,
99 Pub & Restaurant

Gardens for Charlestown embodies the spirit of community. After the lockdown was lifted and restaurants were able to open, GfC lent the 99 Restaurant & Pub tables and chairs so that we could open right away.

Gardens for Charlestown

As a 27-year member of Gardens for Charleston, I've seen the gardens evolve as the community has changed.  What remains constant is the joy it provides to all of us who value green space and a place to get our hands dirty.





Gardens for Charlestown

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think of any gift that you can make to Gardens for Charlestown as an investment in a future that is brighter, healthier, more inclusive, and more beautiful.