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Gardens for Charlestown is an all-volunteer organization that relies on people like you.  With your generous support, in 2021 we were able to further our mission in a way that not only engaged our Membership, but was beneficial to our entire neighborhood.  From the addition of an apiary and the celebration of our weather station to the construction of our new Kids' Exploration Plot, we have found new ways to preserve, educate, and come together as a community.  
As we look to 2022, we are excited about the future of Gardens for Charlestown and the projects we have planned for the year ahead.  To make these future projects as successful as the past ones, we need your continued support.
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Chris Schiavone, President of GfC Board

As new construction rises all around us, and people’s way too busy lives demand more and more from them, Gardens for Charlestown provides an increasingly important sanctuary and place for coming together.

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Eric Fisher,
Chief Meteorologist

If you want to balance the hustle and grit of city life with the natural beauty we enjoy with such abundance in New England, it all comes down to preserving green space.


Gardens for Charlestown offers one of those sanctuaries to stop and literally smell the roses. Not only as a place for nature to thrive, but as a welcoming spot for the community to gather.


Isabel & Kiernan,
Friends of the Garden

I love the Garden because at the Halloween festival I got to ride a pony and because of all the pretty flowers in the summer. - Isabel

I like the Garden because they had  party and I won a candy corn cake. - Kiernan


Amy Kennedy Slesar,
Member of GfC Board

As a 20 year member of Gardens for Charlestown, a mother, and an educator, I am thrilled that the Gardens are developing more programs to welcome children and families into the garden.


Tend and Tell at the Harvard Kent was just the beginning, but it was limited in its scope. This past year we have been working to reach all families in Charlestown and I’m so proud to be part of this initiative.

Learn more about our mission, the things we accomplished in 2021, and our plans for 2022 by reviewing our Annual Appeal brochure

Also you can read this year's message from the President of our Board of Directors, Chris Schiavone.

you can hear more from our friends and neighbors by visiting us on Istagram and Facebook @gardensforcharlestown
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think of any gift that you can make to Gardens for Charlestown as an investment in a future that is brighter, healthier, more inclusive, and more beautiful.