I am red and juicy, and a member of the rose family (see my prickles?) A raspberry is made up of many tiny bead-like fruits called "drupelets.” Each drupelet contains one seed, and an average raspberry has 100 to 120 seeds!

Raspberry Reads

  • Raspberries! An American Tale of Cooperation by Mary Newell DePalma (author) and Leo Acadia (illustrator)
  • A Seed is Sleepy by Dianna Aston (author) and Sylvia Long (illustrator)

Pick Your Own Raspberries in MA

  • Keith's Farm, Acushnet, MA (Summer)
  • Boston Hill Farm, North Andover, MA (July)
  • Russel Orchards, Ipswich, MA (July/August)
  • Carlson Orchards, Harvard, MA (August/September)
  • Coonamesett Farms, East Falmouth, MA (Summer)
  • Smolak Farms, North Andover, MA (July/August)