Established in 1978 and maintained through the hard work of our members, Gardens for Charlestown exists to promote green space preservation, community pride, and educational opportunities in our neighborhood. 

Gardens for Charlestown is a 501(c)(3) organization. To learn how to support our work or join, email us.

Welcoming Honey Bees

We need bees and the bees need us.  Honey bees play a vital role in our food system and provide important insights into the environment, biology, ecology, and nutrition.

Our Gardens already provide a natural habitat area for bees, including the bumble bees in our photos.  Pollinators are not phased by city life; as long as there are patches of flowers and vegetables, bees will visit.  We want to give them a proper home.

To do that, with the approval of the City of Boston, we have added a small apiary to the Gardens. We have a highly experienced bee keeper working with us to ensure the safety and health of our bees and our gardeners!


To learn more about why we want bees at the Gardens, how an apiary benefits our environment, and the importance of safety, check out our flyer on welcoming honey bees that can be found here. For more information contact:

Honey Bees.png

Although 2020 was a difficult season for our Members, neighbors, and friends, there were many things to be grateful for at GfC.  Enjoy this little video looking back on the 2020 season.

The Garden Is Open


Cleanup Checklist

Until it is safe for folks to gather in groups, here is a list of things you can do :

  1. Pick up litter in the whole garden

  2. Pull weeds on pathways and common areas

  3. Rake lawn areas to remove gravel, twigs, or other natural debris

  4. Pull any tree saplings from common areas and paths

Garden Guidelines.png