So you have a garden plot of your what?

In order to have healthy plants, you need good soil. We at GfC have been participating in the City of Boston's compost program. The City collects our cuttings after each Clean up, and then returns with a truckload of nutrient-rich garden soil in the Spring. We use it for our border gardens first, but after that, there is usually plenty for members to use. Spreading a thin layer over your plot will help feed your plants all summer. You could always buy a bag of soil from your local garden center to use instead.

Chicken poop is great general fertilizer for gardens. It's as simple as that: poop from chickens sold by the bag at the garden center. The easiest way to use it, is to spread a thin layer before planting, and using a shovel or a rake, work it in to the soil. You could also put a bit in the hole before placing a plant into it. Last, if you already have plants in the ground, you can pour a little bit around the base of each plant and work it in using a 3-pronged garden fork. Then water.