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Gardens for Charlestown is an all-volunteer organization that relies on people like you.  With your generous support, in 2022 we were able to further our mission in a way that not only engaged our Membership, but was beneficial to our entire neighborhood.  From bringing back Lobster in the Gardens to the installation of our Discovery Trail in September, we have found new ways to preserve, educate, and come together as a community.  

This Fall we also completed the first phase of our Border and Retaining Wall Restoration Project, one of our biggest capital investments in many years.  In 2023, we look forward to completing this project, which will involve replacing the remaining deteriorating timbers in our green space.  The new stone borders--which can withstand both time and mother nature--will highlight our varied, open garden beds and provide a safe and elegant boundary for public pathways.  Your contribution helps make all this possible.
your past generous contributions made 2022 one of our most active seasons yet . . . 
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Discovery Trail Marketing
Lady Bugs
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Halloween 2022
you can hear more from our friends and neighbors by visiting us on Instagram and Facebook @gardensforcharlestown
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Learn more about our mission and the things we accomplished in 2022 by reviewing our Annual Appeal brochure

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think of any gift that you can make to Gardens for Charlestown as an investment in a future that is brighter, healthier, more inclusive, and more beautiful.
thank you
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